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it's a yummy knitting, knitting


Why Knitting Is the Perfect Craft for Practicing Mindfulness

An intro to this soothing activity with It's a... Yummy.


Furthermore from Equinox: Cost-Benefit Analysis: Morning Workouts

They're good for metabolism and bad for HIIT.

Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving pie


How to Holiday: A Guide to Navigating COVID-19 During Thanksgiving

From the Health Center at Hudson Yards.

sundays studio, how to get softer feet, soft feet


Tips and Tricks to Get Silky Smooth Feet at Home

Courtesy of sundays Studios in Hudson Yards.

Lauren Singer, Lauren Singer sustainable


Furthermore from Equinox: How to Live More Sustainably

Lauren Singer on dealing with circumstantial trash and zero-waste eating

sustainable athlete, man biking in mountains


Furthermore from Equinox: Be a More Sustainable Athlete

7 tips around hydration, gear, and more.

leesa mattress, leesa sleep


4 Expert Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Even (or especially) when you're feeling stressed.

water, water bottle


Furthermore from Equinox : Best Worst Choice: Under-Hydrating

The fastest way to rehydrate and the role that sleep plays

non toxic cleaning, non toxic cleaning methods

Virtual Experiences

Non-Toxic (But Super Effective) Cleaning Methods for Your Home

Because we're all cleaning a lot these days – but is it actually making us healthier?