The Top Wellness Trends Shaping 2023

The start of another year typically has us scrutinizing our health and vowing to add more vibrance to our lives. As we take stock of where we are physically and mentally, and then set new goals, it’s helpful to learn more about what trends are reshaping the wellness space this year. Perhaps, something new and interesting will resonate! For a better understanding of 2023's biggest wellness trends, The Related Life reached out to the health practitioners at Golden. Keep reading for their top picks.


Functional fitness

Have you ever hurt your back carrying something heavy? Or strained your neck sitting hunched over at your desk? Functional fitness is a type of movement that focuses on preparing your body for everyday tasks. This form of exercise equips you for things like bending, twisting, lifting, pushing, pulling and more. Not only is functional fitness incredibly important as we age, it’s also something we can do now to prevent injuries, improve balance and stability, and increase your strength.

Here’s an example of an exercise you might do with a functional trainer: Lay on your back, stand up without using your hands, and jump up. Then lay down on your back (no hands!) and repeat.



Saunas have been around for centuries, but it’s not until recently that people have been using them as a form of wellness, rather than luxury. Studies have found that regular heat exposure through the use of a sauna is associated with lower risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, a decrease in chronic pain for people with fibromyalgia and low back pain, and a decreased risk for cardiovascular-related deaths. In regard to mental health, deliberate heat exposure can improve your mood and your capacity to feel good. Initially, as heat exposure causes the release of dynorphins, we feel uncomfortable and want to get out of the sauna. Once we get past this feeling, there is an increase in endorphins, and we feel a mild euphoria.

If you don’t have access to a sauna, you can get your heat exposure through a hot bath, hot shower or by wearing extra layers for a quick jog.



Mushrooms are emerging as a powerful way to improve brain health, mild cognitive impairment, and mental health. Recent research found that medicinal mushrooms help to reduce neuro-inflammation and beta amyloid plaque; These conditions are the root cause of Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. Likewise, eating medicinal mushrooms like lion’s mane, reishi, and chaga protect neurons, supporting their growth and the growth of brain pathways.

Remember to incorporate mushrooms in your meals and try this superfood as a coffee with one of Golden’s favorite drinks: MUD\WTR.


Sound healing

Have you heard of sound healing? It’s another ancient form of wellness that is growing in popularity today. Just like listening to an upbeat song can boost your mood, sound vibrations can impact your health. In a sound healing therapy session, the participant might lie down and listen to music through speakers or instruments like a sound bowl. This type of therapy is used as treatment for a variety of ailments including depression, anxiety, PTSD, dementia, autism and more. One study looked at the effects of a singing bowl meditation and found that participants reported significantly less tension, anger, fatigue, and depressed mood, compared to the participants who meditated without the singing bowl.

If you’re not ready to try sound healing with a practitioner, you can use your own singing bowl at home during a meditation to reap the benefits.


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