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napa valley, napa valley hiking


The Best Day Trips for a Long Weekend

Destinations to check out from each of our six cities.

scavenger hunt


Camp Kids Club: A Scavenger Hunt to Play Wherever You Are

And you've got just an hour-and-a-half to do it!

Ardesia Wine Bar


Local Gem: A Wine Bar with a List from All Over the World

Ardesia Wine Bar is a neighborhood favorite.

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Furthermore from Equinox : Best Worst Choice: Under-Hydrating

The fastest way to rehydrate and the role that sleep plays

mike geller


Talking Fresh Produce with Mike Geller of Mike’s Organic

And why we should care about eating fresh and local now more than ever before.


3 Whiskeys for the Dad Who Loves Farm-to-Table

Excellent choices for the discerning dad.

non toxic cleaning, non toxic cleaning methods

Virtual Experiences

Non-Toxic (But Super Effective) Cleaning Methods for Your Home

Because we're all cleaning a lot these days – but is it actually making us healthier?