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Design Inspo for an Epic Holiday Table Setting

Seasoned holiday hosts take their place settings very seriously. Keep reading to up your table game!


12 Great Causes for Charitable Donations this Holiday Season

If you're still looking to round out your 2021 charitable contributions, check out our list of 12 reputable and impactful nonprofits.

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Your Tipping Guide for the Holiday 2021 Season

To help you figure out how much to give, we've provided a helpful infographic.

Art & Design

The Pippins of Charles Norton: Visionary Perspectives on Society

The singular legacy left behind by the late Charles “Charlie” W. Norton is on vivid display this month at High Line Nine.


Fall Harvest Expands in 2021

NYC and Chicago residents enjoyed a host of seasonal activities to welcome autumn.

Art & Design

Key Color Trends Captivating the Market Now

Backdrop is delivering on depth of color and its innate ability to transform a room.


Why Human-Grade Foods are Sweeping the Dog Care Industry

Only the best for our furry friends!


Need a Change of Scene? Check Out These Refreshing Day Trips in Your City

If planning a weekend away is untenable, consider a day trip within city limits.


An Expert Approach to Fall Cocktails

For a dash of inspiration, we caught up with a leading mixologist from Night Inn.