What March’s Rare Planetary Transits Mean for Your Year

In the realm of astrology, this month sets us on a path of major transformation, thanks to two key planetary shifts that we'll only see once in our lifetimes. That was the takeaway from an exclusive outlook reading held for our residents by the famed John Marchesella, who has been a luminary in the field for more than 40 years. Keep reading for select excerpts from his fascinating forecast for 2023, and the changes we are already seeing underway.


The Major March Transits

There are two major shifts in the sky this year that will be taking place.

On March 7th, Saturn moves out of the sign of Aquarius (where it's been for the past two and a half years). It’s going to shift into the sign of Pisces, and it will stay there for the next two and a half years.

Then on March 23rd, Pluto will shift out of Capricorn, where he has been since 2008. He will move into the sign of Aquarius and he will stay there for nearly two decades. Pluto is a very slow-moving planet and his cycles are very long. Out of all the planets, he is the one that makes for the major trends in the world, so we are all affected by him.

Pluto detoxes whatever sign he’s going through and he detoxes it by exaggerating it. The same way if you’ve ever been on fasts – you know that when your body detoxes, all the toxins comes out, and your skin breaks out, for example. That is what Pluto does. And in doing that, the sign becomes cleansed by the time he leaves. I refer to planets as he or she because they are based on the ancient gods.

He has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008, and you might recall that 2008 was the year that the Capricorn world fell apart, with the financial and real estate crises we went through. Because Capricorn is the sign that is about our agreed-upon reality.

That was the beginning of the great divide, and how our agreed-upon reality was no longer agreed upon. It was the earliest sign that we were living in a world of alternate facts. All of that has been brought to the surface for all the world to see. It's been a theme not just in our country, but also across most countries in the world.  As Pluto leaves Capricorn, things will be coming together again, but not back to the way they were before 2008. We will all be in a new reality – and that divide we were all experiencing will ease, but not overnight. It often needs a year or two to shift into this new reality.

And as that’s happening, what we will become aware of, is whats wrong with the sign of Aquarius.


Pluto in Aquarius: The Aquarius Detox

Everything that Aquarius represents will come to the surface and start to be detoxed. Because Pluto in Aquarius is likely to be much kinder or more favorable or beneficial (and not as harsh as Pluto in Capricorn has been), what we will see should not be as ugly.

So what are the things Aquarius represents? Every sign represents something in geography and Aquarius represents anything in the sky...Most practical of which is aviation. We are bound to be seeing changes in the field of aviation, whether that means that systems that have been breaking down will be repaired, or we’ll have new systems.

What is also up there in the air is the stuff of media and social media, things that ride on the air or the airwaves. We are already seeing in the news about Tik Tok...how can we clean up Tik Tok? Is it actually our enemy we've been welcoming into our country without knowing it? Things like that will start to come to light even more and something will be done about it as Pluto applies a pressure on things that forces people to make changes. By people I mean countries, or sectors of society. So things having to do with social media will be transformed.

Since Aquarius is what's up in the air, don't forget NASA is in the air too. The changes we will see happening in the space program will be phenomenal. All that stuff that people sometimes joke about, we are starting to read about in the newspapers. Where it's every man going up in space -- but just last year Jeff Bezos took every man and woman into space. It might very well happen that we will be landing on the moon again, and going for Mars. Those kinds of things will actually be very ordinary and commonplace as Pluto starts moving through Aquarius.

And generally speaking, Aquarius is the sign of what takes place in the future. So for those of you who remember the Jetsons, when Pluto goes into Aquarius, we are going to be living the Jetsons for real...and to a certain extent we already are. The Jetsons actually had zoom meetings, and Judy Jetson was exercising with an online trainer and they did have flying cars. Well, we are working on flying cars.

I will be very curious to see as well, is that what is also in the air is electricity. I will be interested in seeing the changes that take place in the use of electricity, I'm sure it means electric cars, but it will be more than that. There might be changes in wind power that might become more commonplace. So these are the kinds of things we will likely be seeing in our world.

Saturn in Pisces: “Fix it”

Now Saturn is a planet that says, “this is what’s broken and what’s old about this sign.” Saturn will be moving into Pisces, so for everything that Pisces is, we will start seeing where the breakdowns are and what systems are not working. Pluto and Saturn are common in that they change the sign they are moving through, but how they effect change is different.

Pluto does it in this very intense kind of way, and Saturn does it in this very matter-of-fact kind of way. Saturn just says, "here's a breakdown, fix it." Saturn will be in Pisces for two and a half years, which relatively speaking, is not a long time to make a lot of change in the world.

But Pisces is a lot of things. Pisces represents the pharmaceutical and medical industries. So we are going to be hearing much more about drugs that are not working. On the other side of it, we might be coming up with much more powerful, effective drugs for illnesses, treating them in ways we've never treated them before. 

Pisces is also the film industry. We are going to see major changes in how films are made and how films are played. You always start to see the onset of these shifts a bit sooner. For example, during the pandemic we saw much of the movie business go down as theaters shuttered. As Saturn moves through Pisces, more of that will likely occur, but in more commonplace ways. Your local theater might not be there anymore. Two and a half years from now, we could see streaming really overtake theaters as the way of watching movies. Another recent example is Netflix cracking down on passwords. Saturn is saying, "Fix it, this password thing isn’t working, it's putting Netflix out of business and we have to do something about it."

Pisces is also the oceans, and anything in the oceans. Pisces is the water. So Saturn might be helping to make more use of water power. Saturn might be bringing more to our attention what is wrong with the water and what goes on the water. So cruise lines that might not be doing what they are supposed to be doing in keeping us safe, we might find out an awful lot about.

Pisces is creative and productive ways of escaping reality. It is anything that carries us to another world, or anything that is meant to have a healing effect on us – that's why it is pharmaceuticals and movies. After all, water is the most healing element that there is. Also things like entertainment parks, theme parks. Disneyland is Pisces – when you go through those gates, you are in another world. So where Disney is not working, we will see Saturn say, "Fix it."

Additionally, Pisces is the liquor and wine business. What else takes us out of this world and into another world? So there might be lots of changes with that. I realize that long before Saturn came close to Pisces, cannabis was being legalized in states. But we've just seen it legal now in New York. As that is another form of escapism, it will become more widespread. We will see more states legalizing.

On the individual level, we each experience Pisces in a different area of life. For some people, it's our homes or our jobs or our families, for others it's their health or money. Wherever Pisces falls in your chart is where you will hear Saturn say, "fix it."




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