Pressure Points & Exercises to Relieve Work-from-Home Tension

While there are many challenges associated with working-from-home, chief among them may very well be the discomfort and pain that comes from hunching over a small screen at a makeshift desk.

To relieve some of that work-from-home tension that causes neck pain, carpal tunnel and more, we spoke to ORA Acupuncture, who taught us some simple exercises and pressure points to hit during the day. In addition to these exercises, ORA recommends taking breaks throughout the day to stretch and walk around. Doing so will not only make you feel better and help clear your head, it will also boost your productivity and focus.

If you have carpal tunnel


The points you want to massage are:

San Jiao 5: 2 fingertips away from the wrist crease.

San Jiao 6: In the wrist crease. Bring more chi to the area.

LI-5: Good for thumb pain. Make a thumbs up then find the point in the pocket between the two tendons.

Also, make sure you stretch your hands and wrists throughout the day.


If you have Tech neck


You may want to ask a quarantine buddy to help you with these massage points if you can:

Gallbladder 20: Feel the divot in your neck
Gallbladder 21: The spot on the midpoint of the shoulder.

Quick Tip: Take a very hot shower and let the heat loosen tense shoulders and neck. The warmth will help open up and relieve tension.


For Focus and Productivity at Home


Points to hit are:

Du 20: This spot is on top of the head, and is sometimes easiest to find by placing your fingers behind your ear and cradling the top of your head until you find the divot up there. It’s very good for focus.

LI4: A famous point for headaches, it’s right on the crease of the hand. If it hurts a little that means you’re doing it right. This is good for getting blood and chi to the head and for productivity.

Other tips for feeling better as you #WFH


· Create a positive work environment that makes you feel productive but also comfortable.
· Your body works better on a schedule! Stick to that as much as possible.
· Find an exercise routine that you like and make sure to keep moving every day.
· Take breaks throughout your work day—and don’t forget to drink a lot of water and tea (bonus: this forces you to get up for those extra bathroom breaks, which pull you away from the computer!).
· Practice deep breathing and different breathing techniques.
· Take hot showers. The heat increases blood flow and gets things moving. It also loosens tension in your shoulders, neck, and wrist.
· Practice rituals. Try spraying your pillow with our favorite aromatherapy for relaxation.
· Drink a warm cup of tea an hour before bed. We like ORA’s Calm & Carry On with Eastern and Western herbs for a soothing before bed treat.

Watch more tips from ORA from our virtual event, below.

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