One Kings Lane on Creating an Inspiring Work-from-Home Space

With so many people working from home these days, it is more important than ever to create a space where you can feel productive and inspired. For advice on how to turn your home office into a place you won’t mind spending hours of your day, we spoke to the experts at One Kings Lane during our virtual Related Speaker Series. Read on for their best tips about creating separation between work and life, adding personal touches, and making the perfect Zoom background.

Create separation whenever possible

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The most important thing you can do when working from home is divide your space into work and living areas. Even if you live in a studio and are not able to create that distance with physical space, think about ways you can create it using ambiance and setting. For instance, if you play soft music in the background while you work during the day, consider playing more lively music at night. Or, light candles in the evening and create a different lighting scheme than you had on during work hours.

“If you can just get in the habit of doing one thing during work time, and another thing during evening time or family time, I think that does really help to get that mental shift going,” says Becca Roderick, the director of interior design at One Kings Lane. She recommends thinking about your five senses and how you can create different experiences for them during the day and during the nighttime.

If you are using a space that serves dual purpose as your desk (such as your kitchen island) hide your work items when you’re finished up for the day. Roderick, who is using her dining room table, says she puts all her work materials on a tray at the end of the day, and then moves it somewhere else, hidden from view, for the off-work hours.

Personal touches go a long way

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We’re all in this for the long-haul, so think about how you can make your home office as comfortable and as cozy as you need it to be. Pull in items that bring you joy whenever possible, whether that be family photographs, a beautiful vase of flowers, or even a joke postcard that makes you smile.

Shannon Frappied, a designer at One Kings Lane, says it was important to her to find a space that featured light and a view. Especially since everyone is being discouraged from going outside, bringing in nature and greenery is key, so placing a plant or flowers on your desk can be a great way to incorporate that natural element.

Organize – but do it beautifully

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If you feel your pens and notebooks and charging cables are getting out-of-hand, find ways to contain them. This does not mean going out and buying organizers, but instead, look to objects you already have and consider how they might be useful to you in untraditional ways. A vintage cup or a vase you have lying around, for instance, can become an elegant organizational vessel.

“It’s amazing how much putting those pens in a container makes you feel better,” says Roderick, “It makes you feel organized and ready to work.”

Style your background for video calls

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Elevate your Zoom calls by making your background into an expression of your style. Place your light source in front of you so you’re not backlit, and think about styling your background with personal – but professional – touches. Jessica Hutchinson, a designer at One Kings Lane, notes that our Zoom backgrounds are actually a great opportunity to “express and present ourselves, since otherwise everyone is just wearing sweatpants nowadays.”

Watch our full event with One Kings Lane, below.

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