Supercharge Your Summer with These Nutrition Tips from Juice Press

Heading into the throes of summer, we’ll be making the most of these delightful days by spending them outdoors. For nutrition advice to help you stay vibrant through an active summer season, The Related Life reached out to Ariana Korman, registered dietitian and certified nutritionist at Juice Press (JP). A national wellness brand, JP offers freshly made cold-pressed juices, gourmet superfood smoothies, raw food entrees, salads, sandwiches and desserts. Korman shared her favorite smoothie recipes and superfood recommendations. Check out her insights below.


The Related Life: What is the most important nutrition advice we should keep in mind for these summer months?

Ariana Korman: The first is Stay Hydrated. Water is the basis of every one of our bodily processes – it's the key transporter of nutrients through our bodies. In the summer, it’s often easy to forget to drink water when we’re more on the go, but it’s even more imperative as the temperature rises and we lose water through sweat or breathing more heavily. Try to start your day with a tall glass of water, and carry a water bottle with you as much as you can. For a bit more excitement, add some lemon, lime, or berries to your water. Or, choose a hydrating juice like watermelon or JP's GLO, made from grapefruit, lemon, and orange.

Eat the Rainbow. Summer is prime-time for most of our colorful fruits and veggies, so take this opportunity to eat fresh produce at its peak season. Berries, melons, cucumbers, green beans, broccoli, peaches/plums, and herbs are all in season! Fill your plate with as many colors as you can. Many of our vitamins actually have a corresponding color in the foods we eat (for example, vitamin C creates an orange color in foods), so eating the rainbow is a great way to make sure you’re getting a diverse array of nutrients.

Wear Sunscreen. I know this one isn’t necessarily “nutrition” related, but it is incredibly important to your overall health. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and with every unprotected exposure, we increase our chances for skin damage and melanoma, even if we don’t burn. Even indirect sun exposure can cause damage — reflection from surfaces like water and sand can almost double your exposure. Clouds only block about 80% of UV rays, so it's imperative to wear sunscreen every day no matter the weather. Interestingly, we can even get UV-A rays through glass (think sitting next to a window all day)! My favorite brand to recommend is Supergoop. Look for SPF 30-50 and be sure to apply 30 minutes before going outside and reapply every 2 hours after being in the water or sweating, even if your sunscreen is water resistant. Don’t forget your lips and ears!

Credit: JP

What are your top three in-season superfoods that should be incorporated into a summer diet?

Blueberries: Known as the “king of antioxidants,” blueberries are a nutrient-dense, antioxidant-powerhouse superfood. The specific antioxidants in blueberries — anthocyanins — have been shown to support brain function and prevent mental decline. At JP, we believe blueberries make you a genius!

Cacao: As if we needed another reason to love chocolate! Cacao is packed with flavonoids, a type of antioxidant known to promote heart health and improve blood flow. Cacao also contains tryptophan, which we use to make serotonin (the happy hormone!”), so it’s no mystery why dark chocolate makes us happy!

Avocado: Packed with healthy fats and rich in magnesium and potassium, avocado is the perfect addition to your toast or salad. The healthy fats in avocados help keep you full and satisfied after a meal and promote heart health. Magnesium helps your muscles relax and recover, and can promote restful sleep, which we all need! Potassium helps lower blood pressure and can help prevent muscle cramps which tend to be more frequent in the summer.


Because they’re so light and refreshing, smoothies and fresh juice blends can be a smart snack or meal replacement in the summer. Can you share some of your favorite recipes?

Credit: JP

My go-to recommendation for a light, hydrating smoothie packed with antioxidants is based on JP's Advanced Berry Blend. Combine frozen strawberries, mango, raspberry, pomegranate, and banana with your choice of milk or water and a touch of maple for an energizing blend! Berries are powerhouses of antioxidants, which help promote longevity, fight toxins in the body, and boost skin and hair health.

I have two different recommendations for juices that boost vibrancy this summer — one for those looking for a green juice and one for a fruity juice.

My favorite green juice for energy and vitality is JP’s Energizing Greens, made with organic celery, kale, cucumber, lemon, and E3 Live, a blue-green algae with 65 different nutrients and amino acids. This blend is refreshing and energizing for summer and its nutrient density promotes vibrancy throughout your entire system.

My other go-to summer recommendation is pure Watermelon Juice. Watermelons are about 90% water, making them incredibly hydrating, and also has the amino acid L-Citrulline which promotes blood flow and improves athletic performance and recovery. Most of us are more active in the summer so Watermelon Juice is the perfect refuel to hydrate and recharge all day!


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