Expert Tips for Springtime Wellness

The start of Spring is just a few weeks away! It’s time to emerge from our cocoons and revamp our skincare and wellness routines to combat that winter dullness. Much like you’ll swap out sweatpants for shorts, when the weather gets warmer it’s crucial to switch up your skincare regimen.

The Related Life reached out to experts at The WELL and Origins for skincare guidance to help you be your very best Springtime self. Keep reading for their advice!


Detox Your Whole System

We all tend to be more sedentary in the colder months — we move less and eat more! Spring is a great time to reset your whole system and The WELL Cleanse is meant to do just that. It’s a food-forward gut health protocol that can improve immunity, shed unhealthy pounds, restore microbial balance and most certainly, benefit skin health.

Part 1 of The WELL cleanse includes its Green Detox protein, fortified with detoxifying nutrients like milk thistle and green tea extract. Credit: The WELL

For extra detoxification, THE WELL medical team suggests IV Vitamin Therapy, especially drips that contain glutathione, a master antioxidant. Good skin truly does come from the inside out.


Exfoliation is a Must

“As the seasons change it’s always important to assess what your skin is doing,” says Kim Platt, store manager at Origins Hudson Yards. “As we’re heading out of Winter, a lot of people experience dullness and dryness from the air and not getting enough sun. So it’s really important to exfoliate.”

A physical scrub like Modern Friction will slough away dead skin cells; it can be done twice per week. There’s also enzyme exfoliation, like that found in the Ginzing Into the Glow Brightening Serum. It has lactic acid, salicylic acid, and Vitamin C to brighten the skin, and can be used every day.

The Ginzing line includes brightening serums and moisturizers for different skin types. Credit: Origins

Cristina Klein, a lead esthetician at THE WELL, says that while exfoliating is crucial to maintaining a healthy glow, you still need to be kind to your skin. She prefers liquid exfoliates over harsh scrubs, and her favorite is Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50, which you can pick up if you're coming in for a facial at THE WELL New York.

When you’re using products with active ingredients, it’s also important to build in recovery days by “skin-cycling” to protect your skin’s moisture barrier, Christina notes.

Another great practice to get into is dry brushing, which you can do before showering. Dry brushing exfoliates dead body skin and stimulates the lymphatic system, assisting in detoxification. Afterwards, you can follow up with a nourishing body oil.


Apply SPF Daily

In the sunnier months, no single skincare product is more important than sunscreen (to ward off both skin cancer and premature aging). Technically, you should be wearing SPF all year round, but it’s even more critical when you’re spending time outdoors.

Not a fan of SPF? Try again! “There have been so many innovations to sun protection, and there are elegant formulas for all different skin tones and types,” dermatologist Mona Gohara, M.D., told The WELL. The top SPF pick of Miriam Cardoos, a lead esthetician at THE WELL, is Elta MD.

Apply SPF to dry skin, because damp skin can dilute sunscreen or cause it to slide right off. Use at least a shot-glass-size dose to cover your body and a quarter-size dollop is enough for your face, neck and ears.

“It’s always important to use SPF every day, especially if you’re exfoliating,” Kim says. “The Ginzing SPF 40 Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer is a great option because it is a universal tint that adjusts to your skin tone and gives you a lightweight coverage with a high SPF.”

Some people have skin that changes with the seasons, some people are more consistent, but the Ginzing line is great as a moisturizer because it's formulated in two different textures. It comes in an oil-free gel that is popular in warm weather...but those with very dry skin can stick to the ultra-rich cream formulation year-round.

“Spring is so funny, we could have freezing cold days and super warm days; your skin can react to that,” Kim adds. “You want to assess you skin’s needs every day, every season, depending on what it does.”



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