Expert Wellness Tips for a Spring Reset

With the disruption to life that lockdowns have brought, many of the routines that help us feel our best are out of whack. Whether that means fitness practices abandoned, healthy eating habits discarded, sleep schedules disrupted, or some combination of these and then some, spring is the perfect time to lean into habits that make us feel good. To help you feel better about your habits, we spoke to a number of experts from the wellness space, including fitness, nutrition, and skincare pros. Their number one tip? Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to change your habits all at once. Instead, adopt small changes that you can improve upon over time to get you feeling good.

Baby Steps Build Stamina


Motivating yourself to work out is difficult these days. Equinox instructor Or Artzi shared a few tips for getting back into the habit of raising your heart rate:

“Here are some tricks that I find helpful:

∙ Set up weekly goals—make sure they're measurable and reasonable.
∙ Work out in the morning before your day starts, so you can't find reasons to skip it later on.
∙ Just go for it! Once you get the ball rolling, you'll have an easier time keeping the momentum going."

Artzi also emphasizes how physical fitness ties into mental health. Her encouraging words? "Don't compare yourself to others, stick to the plan you set for yourself, and celebrate the small wins. You'll thank me later, I promise.”

Be Kind to Your Liver


It’s been a long, cold, and possibly boozy winter. Consider scaling back on the alcohol consumption by replacing it with any of the spate of nonalcoholic aperitifs on the market today. Seedlip, Ghia, and MeMento are just a few out there.

Molly Lee of Energizing Nutrition also reminds us that adjusting our diets can be beneficial to the liver, too. “Dark leafy greens (especially the dark leafy bitter ones like kale, dandelion and mustard greens) are fantastic for Spring as they are energizing, naturally cleansing and detoxifying for the body,” Lee says. “They also support lightening up as well as nurture the liver, the organ that helps our body detoxify.”

An Uncluttered Home Inspires Peace of Mind


organizing closet, organizing drawers

The return of warmer weather – and the reshuffling of clothing it brings – is a perfect time to reevaluate which of our belongings still serve us. “The changing of seasons is a great opportunity to clear out some of your clothing. Take a look at your winter duds. What didn't you wear this year? You probably don't like it very much, and can create space by giving those items away,” says professional organizer Sharon Lowenheim of Organizing Goddess NYC. “Similarly, when you greet your long-neglected spring wardrobe, which pieces are you excited to see and which make you say ‘meh’? Clear out some space now by ditching items that you aren’t excited about wearing again.” Crucially, Lowenheim adds: “Living in a less-cluttered space will improve your outlook and allow you to enjoy your home even more.”

Greet the Season (with SPF)



The return of warmer weather means more time spent outdoors. But no matter the season, SPF should be on the skincare menu. “The most important step in any routine is to use sun protection. Yes, even in winter and even when indoors. Windows block most of the skin-burning UVB rays but UVA rays, the ones that contribute to skin cancer and premature aging, can still penetrate through the glass.” says Nichelle Temple founder of Inderma Studio.

The Regional Trainer team at Heyday adds “Use hydrating serums and SPF daily, even for lips. Remember, you’ve been covered by a mask for a year!”

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