The Best Destinations To Cure Your Winter Blues

The holiday season can be stressful and chaotic - not to mention unreasonably cold - which makes it the ideal time to flock somewhere warm. These are our favorite destinations to get Vitamin D, relax, and escape from the winter for a while...

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartegena, Columbia, Colorful city, travel destination

This coastal city is full of rich culture, historical sites, and stunning beaches. Enjoy bursts of color and the landmark Spanish Colonial architecture in addition to fresh local seafood and upscale dining. In December, this city transforms into a festival of lights and nativity scenes, culminating in New Year's fireworks!

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand, Andaman Sea, Big Buddha, Nakkerd Hills

White sands, mountain views, and an exciting nightlife: this can all be found on this gorgeous island in the Andaman Sea. Spend your trip trekking through rainforests and taking the long-tail rowboats to smaller nearby islands. At the end of the day, end your nights at ultra-luxurious hotels that offer unbelievable views and world-class cuisine. Lastly, don't miss the "Big Buddha," the 150-foot white marble landmark atop Nakkerd Hills.

Cyprus, Greece

Cyprus, Greece, Travel destination, Mediterranean

This Eastern Mediterranean island boasts a thriving art culture that stretches back over 10,000 years. Spend your days getting lost in the winding, cobble stone roads marked with the traditional Greek architecture in bold, bright colors. Enjoy the classic Mediterranean diet with Eastern flair like fresh Halloumi cheese and excellent local wine.


Southern Africa, Mozambique, Cerulean, getaway, travel destination

The beaches of this southern African nation are literally out of this world - and a far cry from winter weather. Picture this: sand floor bars, ice-cold beers, and cerulean water. This spot has been a secret getaway for years with visitors opting for the more traditional, authentic experience in simple thatched huts, however in the last few years high-end hotels have also appeared. Island hop, sail, and scuba dive in this gorgeous destination.

Dubai, UAE

Old Souk, Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates,

Impeccable service, clean streets and spotless beaches create a completely unique atmosphere you won't find anywhere else in the world. Visit Old Souk to shop for artisan goods and glittering jewelry and other priceless relics. Take advantage of the lavishness and try out Dubai's indoor ski slopes, seven-star hotels, and most importantly, the year-round sunshine.

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