Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy & Happy from Dog City

dog, collie, pretty dog, dog on a sofaWhile social isolation is tough for humans, it can also be difficult for your four-legged friends, many of whom might miss their buddies from doggy daycare at Dog City. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to keep your dogs happy and healthy during these uncertain times. Leya Ogihara, Founder of Dog City shares her best advice for dog care and wellness with us, below.

● Currently, there is no solid evidence that companion animals can spread the coronavirus, but your dog still might be a fomite for it. A fomite is a surface that can transmit disease, and anything – not just hard surfaces – can be a fomite. Therefore, discourage strangers from touching your dog.

● Thoroughly wipe down your dog with disinfectants such as chlorhexidine after outings, particularly the paws, and wash your hands after you touch your dog.

● Stay away from public dog runs.

● Regularly wash your dog’s leashes and collars.

● Wash your dog’s bedding, toys, and bowls often.

● Avoid cabin fever by taking your dog out to the great outdoors. Central Park allows dogs off leash between the hours of 9pm to 9am, which is a great outlet for their health and spirit.

● To keep your dog busy, provide them with enrichment toys that stimulate their minds.

● Here are 16 ways to play and exercise with your dog indoors to prevent them from chewing on your Jimmy Choos and shredding your couch.

● You know we love to eat, let’s make some homemade dog treats together!

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And watch founder Leya Ogihara, Founder of Dog City, share her best tips and ideas for keeping your dog happy, below.

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