The 10 Best Summer Movies to Stream Right Now

While we may not be able to enjoy new summer blockbusters in theaters this year, thanks to streaming services we can snuggle up with a classic summer film from the comfort of our homes. Below, we've rounded up a selection of hit movies that are just as enjoyable to watch now as they were when they were released.

"Dirty Dancing" 


Is there a more quintessential summer movie than this one? Have the time of your life watching this delightful romance about dancing partners in a Catskill's resort starring a young Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Watch it on: Hulu

"The Dark Knight"


One of the most significant superhero movies ever made, "The Dark Knight"  broke all kinds of box office records when it opened in 2008. Relive the blockbuster magic – and Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning performance as The Joker –  at home. Watch it On: Hulu

"Free Solo"


Tired of being stuck in the house? This awe-inspiring documentary about a climber preparing to scale a 3,200-foot-high rock in Yosemite National Park is guaranteed to satisfy your sense of adventure (and of terror). Watch it On: Hulu

"The Graduate"


For any recent graduates out there, this oldie but goodie captures the spirit of youthful uncertainty that might be more relevant now than ever before. Not to mention, the Simon & Garfunkel soundtrack adds the perfect dose of nostalgia. Watch it on: Hulu



The first foreign language film to win the "Best Picture" Academy Award (as well as a slew of others, including Best Director) follows the story of two Korean families – one wealthy, one poor – whose lives become entangled in increasingly twisted ways. Watch it On: Hulu

"Risky Business"


Summer is a time for sitting back and having fun. So why not do it with the film that made Tom Cruise a star? If nothing else, it gives you an excuse to dance around your apartment in a business shirt and socks. Watch it On: Hulu

"Thelma and Louise"


Speaking of adventure movies, you'll want to tag along for the ride with these two ladies – not to mention, a young Brad Pitt.  Watch it On: Hulu

"Back to the Future" Trilogy 


Wish you could return to a simpler time? This beloved classic is proof that going back in time is anything but simple. But it is definitely entertaining to watch a young Michael J. Fox journey get up to all kinds of time traveling hijinks. Watch it On: Netflix



If you can't stand to watch "Frozen" one more time, why not introduce your kids to this classic tale of a ? Watch It On: Netflix

"Murder Mystery"


Yes, sometimes new movies can be good too. And this one featuring Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler is quite a fun caper. Watch It On: Netflix

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