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Reasons to Love Los Angeles Right Now

Love comes in all forms, and this Valentine's Day, we thought we'd honor a type of romance that everyone can relate to: Love for your city. After all, urban living may be frustrating, crowded, gritty and just plain exhausting sometimes, but it can also be incredibly moving, full of moments of human tenderness, delightful experiences, and of course, delicious food. That's the part of city life we're honoring this month with a collection of happy stories to bring a smile to your day. (Psst, we've found reasons to love other cities around the country as well: Check out our guides to Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.). 

Reasons to love Los Angeles...


Because LAX is actively looking for volunteers to throw tantrums

The airport is about to open a new satellite terminal, and are seeking volunteers to misbehave and test staff's readiness for handling emergencies. Now if only there were some actors in Los Angeles...






baby gorilla, baby gorilla los angeles zoo


Because there is now a baby gorilla girl at the Los Angeles Zoo

The still-unnamed little one is the first to be born in the Los Angeles Zoo in 20 years.







motion picture academy museum


Because the Motion Picture Academy Museum is finally opening

The lavish and high-tech museum – which had been slated to open in 2017 – now has a real open date: December 14, 2020.






brittany spears, brittany spears pop up


Because there is now a Britney Spears pop up experience

You can now immerse yourself in the pop star's world, in rooms devoted to her most classic videos.







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