Been Meaning to Organize? Here’s How to Get Started

With everyone spending a lot more time at home, there's no better time to organize your belongings. That's why we spoke to Lisa Jacobs from Imagine It Done to get her expert tips on how to organize your home right now.

Her number one tip? Be realistic. Set goals you know can be accomplished, and tackle one space at a time. Begin with the least stressful area of your home, where you are sure you know what needs to be done, and go from there.

Steps for your organization project

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1. Edit.

Sort through each and every item and make decisions. What do you love and need to keep? What do you want to donate, give away, consign, or toss?

2. Categorize

Group your stuff according to where it belongs to give you a clearer vision of what needs to be organized.

3. Edit (again)

Do you really need that white cashmere sweater with a hole in it?

4. Organize

Organize your items into the spaces where the stuff belongs. Every room, closet, cabinet, shelf, and drawer should be deliberately organized. The goal is to create function for your day-to-day life.

5. Curate

Curating is the last– but not least– step in this project. Attention to detail makes everything look like you always dreamed it should. Picture perfect!

6. Personalize.

Add your own personality to the curated space with select memorabilia, photos, lighting, etc.

Helpful to keep in mind

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1. Accessorize to Maximize.

Maximize the height of all spaces with organizational accessories. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is your best bet to utilize every square inch of vertical space.

2. Create storage behind doors

Behind the door is a gold mine of an opportunity to create a hidden, storage solution. In your closets, add a whole extra space to store shoes and accessories.

3. Use risers to create shelf space

Risers are a great solution to create extra shelf and storage space in all areas of the home.

4. Invest in a free standing storage unit

Trolleys or standing storage units are a perfect way to add additional storage space in narrow open areas of the home. They are especially great for the bathroom and kitchen. Be sure to identify the perfect spot and measure your area before purchasing the correct unit.

5. Maximize empty wall space with floating shelves

We love using floating shelves to help alleviate space in tight clothing closets and show off pretty accessories like handbags and clutches. Not only does this create extra storage, but it allows you to curate and merchandise your walls.

6. Add extra hanging space with garment racks

Garment racks can transform any space into an impromptu closet. If your space allows, these are ideal in the entry, master closet, bedroom, or free spot where you may need a little extra storage for your tall hanging items.

7. Stack your folded clothing vertically in drawers and closets

Take advantage of vertical space and allow yourself to see what you have. When everything is in view, you are more likely to wear your items.

8. Always allocate small sections within your cabinets and drawers to allow for room to grow

Without a doubt, you will accumulate as you live in your space. Reserve space in your home now to avoid overflow.

More tips specifically for your master bedroom

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1. Use drawer and shelf dividers.

This will help keep all your clothing in place.

2. Vertically stack your clothing

Find what you're looking for in a flash.

3. Your accessories are meant to be worn and loved.

Display items including handbags and jewelry in acrylic organizational accessories so you never forget about your favorite pieces.

4. Merchandise your space with items reflective of your personality.

Make it your special room/nook by placing select meaningful books, photos and memorabilia.

5. Did we mention?


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