12 Inspiring City Scenes to Brighten Your Day

What does quarantine look like to people around the country? To answer that question, we asked our residents to share photos from their walks around town, trips to their rooftops and – our personal favorite – from inside their apartments. Our conclusion? While sheltering-in-place may not be the most ideal situation, there's plenty of beauty and moments of joy to be found.

hudson yards, hudson yards view, nyc landscape

(credit: Gabriela Barrera)

Hudson Yards shining bright from a Chelsea rooftop. 


(credit: Laura Meier)

A garden of flowers in Chicago, with an aroma so sweet it travels for blocks.  

(credit: Victoria Charvet)

The High Line in New York – closed, but still green. 

(credit: Jennifer Darwin - Witter)

Some very atmospheric clouds in San Francisco.  

(credit: Charles Parra)

Pizza Ovest in West Chelsea, mobilized into a mask-making shop.  

(credit: Charles Parra)

And social-distancing at its finest at Shake Shack. 

(credit: Mary Kartheiser)

An overflowing bowl of flowers in Chicago.

(credit: Maria Gray)

And another in Chelsea.  

(credit: Diana Uribe)

We really can't get enough flowers. Like these Cherry Blossoms on Roosevelt Island. 

(credit: Vivian Manganello)

Or these tulips + the Empire State building.  

(credit: Sigríður María Egilsdóttir)

We know we're all feeling a little like this right now.


(credit: Mary Kartheiser)

But there are reminders everywhere of good things to come – if you know where to look. 


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