Two Cheery Cocktails Worth Savoring This Holiday Season

Getting ready to host this season? No holiday party is complete without a signature cocktail (or two). The Related Life reached out to Night Inn mixologists Nicole Salicetti and Sara Lehman for their go-to holiday drinks. Check out these festive recipes and consider adding them to your next holiday menu!


Holiday-spiced Old Fashioned

“This infused version of a classic Old Fashioned will warm up any winter evening, and is a fantastic and simple way to spice up your holiday party drink menu,” says Salicetti, a mixologist at The Standard.


•  Whiskey or Bourbon

•  Simple syrup (or sugar and water)

•  Warm spices (recommend a combination of Cinnamon Sticks, Cloves, and Star Anise

•  Angostura Bitters

• Fresh Orange


1.)  Infuse your syrup by either simmering it in a pot with the spices, or adding it to a squeeze bottle with spices in it. If doing a cold infusion, allow to sit for at least 20-30 minutes.

2.)  Combine 2oz Whiskey/Bourbon, 0.5oz infused syrup, and 3 dashes of Bitters in a mixing glass with ice.

3.)  Stir until chilled.

4.)  Strain into a new glass with fresh ice or neat if preferred.

5.)  Garnish with an orange peel.


Winter Paloma

Lehman, a wine/mixology educator, notes that, “This bright, white cocktail is a beautiful addition to any menu, especially with a red sugar rim!”



•   Tequila blanco

•   White grapefruit juice

•   Fresh lime

•   Agave nectar

•   Red salt / sugar



1.)   Combine red salt / sugar on a flat surface.

2.)  Rub a lime or grapefruit wedge around the rim of your glass, and roll in the red mixture.

3.)  Combine 2oz tequila, 2oz grapefruit juice, 0.5oz lime juice, 0.5oz agave nectar in a shaker and shake well.

4.)  Add ice to your red-rimmed glass.

5.)  Strain the shaken mixture over ice.



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