These Addictive Momofuku Items Are Only at Hudson Yards

For those who worship at the altar of Momofuku, it's time to head to Hudson Yards.

Not only will you be able to treat yourself to an excellent fine dining experience at the brand new Kāwi, you'll also be able to recreate some of your favorite meals at home. The culinary empire is selling a few of their most beloved specialty products that were previously only available for wholesale exclusively at Peach Mart (the tiny takeaway shop next door to Kāwi) at Hudson Yards.

These include their seasonings, like their finishing salt – a mixture of thyme, sage, rosemary, and kochu karu that should be put in a salt grinder and used on roasted meat or vegetables; their Sichuan Spice, which is the "backbone of the fan-favorite shrimp at Noodle Bar" that adds "an unexpected kick to whatever we’re eating,"; and Max’s Furikake – a blend of matcha, nori powder, and bonito flakes that is best eaten at home on popcorn and chips.

They are also selling three flavors of Hozon – a fermented, stone-ground seasoning similar to miso paste – which is available as Chickpea Hozon, Sunflower Hozon, and Chickpea Gochugaru Hozon, with additional seasonal varieties produced in limited batches. And finally, they will also sell their Bonji – a soy sauce-like liquid seasoning that is made from grains instead of soy beans, which will be available in Rye Bonji and Rye Kasu.

Like everything else in the Momofuku empire, these seasonings can elevate humble dishes, turning a simple snack into a culinary adventure. Happy cooking!

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