Staying In: A Punchy Daquiri Recipe from Sourced Craft Cocktails

Have you been missing your favorite craft cocktails from your go-to neighborhood bar? While you may not be able to go back quite yet, you can bring your favorite cocktails to you with Sourced Craft Cocktails, a cocktail delivery service that delivers all the ingredients and equipment you need directly to your home. Today we're making their Hideaway Daiquiri; order the kit here (Related resident receive a special offer off – check the Related Connect app for more), and read on for the full recipe below.


Daiquiri, Daiquiri recipe



- Premium Aged Rum

- Freshly squeezed lime juice

- A homemade grapefruit-cherry ginger shrub.



1) Keep fresh juices/syrups bottle chilled. *Stays fresh for 5 days*

2) When ready to make your cocktail, vigorously shake the fresh juices/syrup bottle before opening.

3) Fill the plastic cup or glass with ice. Pour 1.5 oz (fill the larger side of the jigger 3/4s of the way full) of Ten to One Rum and 2 oz (the larger side of the jigger) of the fresh juices/syrups.

4) Stir vigorously for 30 seconds to combine and chill, then strain into a new glass.

Stir & Enjoy!

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