Staying In: A Juicy Recipe for Gramercy Tavern’s Iconic Burger

Photo by Giada Paoloni

It's almost barbecue season! And what better way to celebrate than by chowing down on a nice, juicy burger? Chef Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern shared his recipe for the restaurant's iconic burger. The key ingredient? The ground brisket/short rib blend courtesy of Piccinini Brothers artisanal butcher. Related residents in New York City receive a special offer at Piccinini Brothers; check the Related Connect app for more details.



∙ Ground brisket/short rib blend
∙ Buns for serving
∙ Salt to season
∙ Cheddar Cheese
∙ Lettuce
∙ Tomato
∙ Smoked Onion Sauce (See recipe below)
∙ Bacon



1) Let the meat sit for 15–20 mins out of the refrigerator before you cook it. Get it to room temperature.

2) The less you do to the burger, the better it is. Form the patty by hand without over-seasoning or packing with too much pressure—just use a light touch.

3) Salt assertively! Most home cooks are surprised when they see a professional chef seasoning a burger with salt, but it really is what makes it come out better. I do not add any seasoning until the second before I cook it. I use Diamond Crystal Kosher salt, but you should use the salt you’re familiar with. I don’t measure the salt, I do it by eye.

4) Give the bun a quick toast on the grill – we use Orwashers Bakery buns.

5) Cook for 7.5–8 minutes per 200-gram patty on high heat—this will make it medium rare.

6) Top with cheese. At Gramercy Tavern, we use 1-yr old cheddar from Shelbourne Farm (VT) that I buy from Saxelby Cheese—a magical place.

Smoked Onion Sauce




∙ 2 cups red onions, sliced
∙ 2 teaspoons Ketchup
∙ 2 Egg yolks
∙ 4 teaspoons cider vinegar
∙ 1 cup olive oil
∙ 1 cup Grapeseed oil
∙ 1 teaspoon honey



∙ Toss red onions with olive oil, salt and pepper. Grill for 4 minutes or until nicely charred. In a blender, place egg yolks, ketchup, cider vinegar, and honey. Add the charred onions and blend in the olive oil and grapeseed oil. Taste for seasoning, the mixture should be thick.


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