Staying In: A Fortifying Carrot Soup Recipe from Electric Lemon

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Thanksgiving may look a little different this year, but that's all the more reason to treat yourself and the smaller group you are spending it with to a delicious dinner filled with special dishes. This layered and complex carrot soup recipe comes to us courtesy of Electric Lemon in Hudson Yards; read on for the full recipe and residents can cook alongside Chef Justin Bogle of Electric Lemon at a live demo on November 19. Visit the Related Connect app to register now.

Carrot Soup


∙ 5 cups Sliced Carrots (6 medium carrots)
∙ 1 cup Sliced Spanish Onion (1/2 of a medium onion)
∙ 6 ea Garlic Clove sliced
∙ 1 TBL Sliced Ginger
∙ 2 TBL Butter
∙ 1 TBL Vadouvan Spice Mix (Sub Madras Curry if Vadouvan is not available)
∙ ½ cup Coconut Milk
∙ 2 cups Water plus additional ¼ cup



1) Start by melting the butter with a ¼ cup of water in a medium size pot. Once the butter is melted add the carrot, ginger, garlic and onion. Lightly season the vegetables with salt and cover with the pot with a lid. Stir occasionally.

2) Once the vegetables are soft remove the lid and add the vadouvan spice. Continue to cook the mixture for another 5 minutes.

3) Now add the coconut milk and water and bring to a simmer. Simmer the ingredients for another 20 minutes.

4) Transfer the contents of the pot to a blender and puree until smooth. Adjust seasoning with salt and pass through a fine mesh sieve. Either serve immediately or chill and reserve for later use.

Ginger Simple Syrup


∙ ½ cup water
∙ ½ cup sugar
∙ ¼ cup ginger (if a juicer is not available, fresh ginger juice can be purchased at the grocery store)



Place the water and sugar in a small pot and bring to a boil. Remove the pot from the heat and chill over an ice bath. Once cool, whisk in the ginger juice. Reserve for later use.

Ginger yogurt


∙ 1 cup yogurt
∙ 3 TBL ginger syrup
∙ 1 ½ TBL lime juice
∙ Salt to taste



Combine ingredients in a bowl and whisk together. Adjust seasoning with salt. Store in airtight container.

To Plate


Heat 4 cups of soup and divide evenly between 4 warm soup bowls. Garnish the soup with a drizzle of the ginger yogurt and some fresh lime zest.

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