This Earth Day, Learn How to Plant a Seed at Home

There are few pleasures in life more satisfying than watching something you've planted grow, and so to celebrate this Earth Day, we've asked edible education non-profit Edible Schoolyard NYC  if they could give us some pointers on how to do it. Don't fret if you don't have access to an outdoor space or garden; this process is actually it's very simple to do in an apartment as well.

Here, they break down the steps for us, and provide a handy how-to video. Happy planting!

Here’s what you need:

∙ Seeds
∙ Soil
∙ A pot or container
∙ A window

Where can I get my supplies?

∙ Johnny's Seeds
∙ Renee’s Garden
∙ Burpee
∙ Baker Creek Seeds


You can also find seeds inside your kitchen!


∙ Check for seeds inside fruits and vegetables, like peppers, oranges, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, or pears!

∙ Check in your house for other seeds that you eat. These could be dry beans from the grocery store, like black beans or chickpeas. Maybe you have other seeds, like pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds. Just make sure they haven’t been cooked!

∙ You can use lots of things for planting your seed! A plastic container like this one will work perfectly. Poke some holes in the bottom so extra water can drain out. Put a small plate under it.

∙ You can use a tin can or an egg carton to plant in, too!

What kind of seed should I plant?


∙ Herbs like basil, cilantro, parsley, and chives will grow well indoors. You’ll be able to harvest them and add them to your food!

∙ You can experiment with any kind of seed to see what grows. Some of them may not make food indoors. For example, a tomato plant needs to be outside to make tomatoes. But it can still be a fun experiment to watch it grow!


Step 1: Fill your pot with soil

Fill your pot all the way to the top. Make the soil flat!


Step 2: Make a small hole for your seed

Remember, your seed needs to be able to see the sun! Make a hole only as deep as the length of your fingernail so the hole is not too deep.

Step 3: Get your seeds

Get your seeds so they are ready to plant. Only put 2-3 in the hole, or else the plants will be too crowded later. I am planting thyme, a kind of herb.

Step 4: Put your seeds into the hole

Pinch your fingers to pick up the seeds and drop them in the hole.


Step 5: Cover your seed up

Tuck in your seed so it is covered up. Remember not to cover it too much!

Step 6: Give your seed some water

Give your seed some water! You can use a sprayer or just pour it. You want the soil to feel wet when you touch it.

Step 7: Put your plant in the sun

Your plant can go outside. or you can put it in a window.


What do I have to do to make sure the seed grows?


∙ Make sure plant stays in the sun.

∙ Give your plant water, but not too much! Too much water can be bad for a plant, too. To check if your plant needs water, touch the soil. If the soil feels wet, your plant does not need water. If the soil feels dry, give your plant enough water so that the soil is wet.

Watch a full guide to planting seeds below!

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