Heartwarming Arts & Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is not just for couples! For parents, the holiday offers a charmed opportunity to connect with their kiddos, spending quality time together to create adorable arts & crafts. So says Lindsey Peers, owner of The Craft Studio, a popular New York-based art studio in operation for more than 25 years. The Related Life recently caught up with Lindsey for fun and interesting arts & crafts projects that can be easily done at home.

“What once was reserved for romantic couples has now become a full-blown family holiday,” Lindsey explains. “After the long cold January that follows a fun festive season…kids and grownups are ready for something to celebrate and look forward to. As soon as Feb 1st hits, it’s time to get ready for Love Day!”

Paper Heart Chains

Credit: Lindsey Peers


Set the stage for a fun Valentine’s Day with heart chain decorations!

“One of our favorite, easy-to-do-for-all-ages crafts are paper chains with a Love Day spin,” Lindsey says.

Rather than gluing the paper strip ends one on top of the other, touch the bottom ends together, then glue them into a V-shape. For the bottom of the heart, crease the opposite end of the shaped chain into a point.

BFF Heart Canvas

Help your young ones create gifts for their best friends!

The heart canvas craft takes BFF bracelets and necklaces to the next level.  Recreate that classic image of love and friendship with the BFF Canvas Kit.

“The taped-off technique is so fun and creates a cool effect while making the half hearts. Let your kids gift them to friends, or hang them up next to each other for a lovely display that keeps memories of their BFFs front and center,” Lindsay exclaims,




Heart Box

The Conversation Heart Box makes for another great gift or useful decor item. It's a Papier-mâché conversation box that's an ode to the classic candy hearts we are all used to seeing this time of year. The box comes with a one-of-a-kind wooden heart beed bracelet that can be stored inside.

Homemade Cards

Of course, we have to include a nod to the age-old practice of giving out Valentine's Day cards.

"What is more meaningful than a homemade Valentine card? We love the nostalgia and beauty of hand-crafted Valentines made with love and effort," says Lindsey.

Check out these complete Valentine's Day Card Kits, which come with everything you need to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind cards at home.

Credit: Lindsey Peers

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