Camp Kids Club: A Scavenger Hunt to Play Wherever You Are

scavenger hunt

Welcome to Camp Kids Club! This summer, we've curated a mix of DIY, on demand, and live programming for Related's littlest campers with a new set of activities introduced each week for kids of all ages. For today's activity, we've got a scavenger hunt!  You have an hour-and-a-half to find everything on this list. Once you find an item, have someone snap a picture of you with it, and make sure to tag @therelatedlife on Instagram so we can see you.

Your time starts… now!

A – Apples
B – a Bridge
C – a Cardboard box
D – a Double door
E – an Energy source
F – Fuchsia-colored flowers
G – a Gem
H – Hunter’s choice: A hole in the ground or a high-heeled shoe
I – an Ice cream cone
J – a Jungle gym or jelly beans
K – a Key
L – a Lucky penny or a leaf
M – the Moon or a mural
N – a Nut of some kind
O – Wild card - anything that begins with an “O”
P – a Picture of a pizza
Q – a Queen’s crown
R – a Rhombus-shaped item.
S – Something made of stone
T – Three of a kind
U – a Uniform of any kind
V – a “V” in a tree
W – Water of any kind
X – the Letter “X”
Y – Wild card - anything that begins with a “Y”
Z – Wild card - anything that begins with a “Z”

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