6 STEM Activities for Kids You Can Do at Home

Want to tease you and your child's mind with some DIY activities this weekend? Sandbox – an STEAM-focused new makerspace – shared some fun and easy-to-execute STEM activities for kids that only require some simple household items to create. Read on for the ideas and watch the videos to find out how to make these objects come to life.

The first rule of makerspace creation? There are no rules! So feel free to have fun with these challenges and find new ways of doing them!

Lasers and Light  


From neon lights to prisms to refraction, learn all about the secrets of the mysterious element of light with this flashy experiment. Here's a list of what you'll need: A mixing bowl, Compact mirror, Water, Flashlight

Watch the Wonder show you how to do it, below:

Static Electricity


Why does a sock stick to your sheets when you come out of the dryer? The Wonder answers this and other burning questions about static electricity in this super cool experiment. Here's What You'll Need: Scissors, a plastic produce bag, Balloon (blown up in advance), Towel, Rubber Band

Watch the Wonder show you how to do it, below.

Marble Maze


Use everyday materials to flex your creative skills while building an intricate marble maze out of everyday objects. Watch Sandbox show you how to make it, below and read different takes on the marble challenge here.

DIY Slime


Make your own ooey-gooey slime. Combine everyday materials to make squishy slime that you can make as vibrant and unique as you’d like!

What you'll need:

-Baking soda
-Shaving cream
-Contact solution
-Food coloring and anything you’d like to decorate with (i.e. glitter, etc.).

Recommended for ages 5+

Watch Sandbox show you how to make it, below.

Mad Scientist Class by the Wonder 


What makes ice melt the fastest? How high can a homemade volcano explode? These are just some of the questions we will answer in our mad scientist class. Kids can don lab coats, goggles, and make actual weird, funny, and cool experiments under the guidance of our master mad scientist. Below, learn all about the science behind bubbles including surface tension and elasticity.

What You’ll Need: A plastic bottle, dish soap, scissors, a rubber band, and a towel.

Watch the Wonder show you how to do it, below.

Homemade Robots


Create simple robots from found objects around the house with hypothetical functions.

What You’ll Need: Leftover cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, plastic fruit containers, plastic lids, construction paper, scissors, glue.

Watch Sandbox show you how to make them, below.

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