The 2023 Art Trends To Watch

A sense of metamorphosis can be found across the art world in 2023, as old and new collide. From upcycling to AI, a number of poignant new trends are imprinting on the art scene, and changing how we define creativity. For a pulse-check on the top art trends making their mark this year, The Related Life reached out to the art curation platform  Artrepreneur. Get ahead of the curve by exploring these trends that will be everywhere in 2023!



Sebastian Montoya, “Amame Pink” (2021)

Bye-bye, minimalism. Hello, bold and beautiful! Statement shades are in for 2023, interior designers say — and if you followed along with color of the year announcements, you know that pink and red are back in a big way.

If you’re considering paint colors, look to Benjamin Moore’s peppy Raspberry Blush or Dunn Edward’s calming Terra Rosa. From fashion to fine art, Pantone’s Color of the Year Viva Magenta is described by the company as electrifying, energetic and rooted in nature. In that way, the shade exemplifies home trends too: with a move toward bold and bright color palettes and away from cool minimalism, and embracing natural tones and textures that bring the outdoors in.

“Just like in your fashion choices, pink in home décor makes a bold statement and creates a vivid impression, especially paired with neutral colors,” says Artrepreneur curator and painter Elizabeth Winnell. “It’s also incredibly versatile, oozes warmth and comfort, and keeps us upbeat. We could all use a dose of hope, whether you go with the pop of color in a small print or a statement piece in screaming pink over your mantel.”

Don’t want to commit to painting your walls in a vivid rosy shade? Add a dose of bold to your decor with hot pink paintings.



An example of AI art generated through Nightcafe Creator.

AI art has gone viral, and the trend is expected to accelerate. More than a dozen generators are now available online, allowing users to freely explore what artificial intelligence can do when prompted to be creative. Perhaps your feed was as flooded as ours with the release of the “magic avatars” feature, which generated portraits in a variety of art styles. AI art generators are expected to only increase in capability, accessibility — and controversy. Are AI art generators bringing art to the masses or stealing from artists?

As AI art generators get more use, they get smarter. Look out for more viral moments and a proliferation of new applications that will influence how we produce and experience art, such as interactive installations and immersive exhibitions.










Credit: Proem Studio

Gone are the days of white-on-white kitchens. 2023 kitchen trends for this space include bold range hoods, high-contrast marble countertops, and warm wood tones. Here’s a trend you can incorporate right away: upgrading your kitchen with art. One of the best ways to do so? Open shelving! Open shelves remain en vogue, but how they function is starting to change. No longer just for your favorite dishes, they're perfect for displaying your favorite framed posters and prints, while keeping your dishware tucked away.

For more inspiration, check out Artrepreneur’s guide to incorporating kitchen art into your decor, and consider any number of fun pieces featuring food.









Nicole Young “One of These” (2021)

 Sustainability remains top-of-mind as social movements continue to gain steam. To bring this trend home, try upcycling your decor: opt for refurbished secondhand furnishings and incorporate heirloom pieces. You can also upcycle your art collection! Leading art consultant Victoria Gildersleeve recommends re-curating your art collection every few years by hanging new pieces next to each other, swapping in different frames or moving pieces from room to room.

If purchasing a new art piece to refresh your space, you can search for and support sustainable artists. They often practice in two ways: by making art with sustainability as the subject of their artwork, or by establishing a process that incorporates sustainable materials and techniques. Some artists do both! Check out a few sustainable artists on Artrepreneur like Nicole Young, who creates compositions with natural inks and dyes, recycled textiles and other foraged materials.








Murals are back and bigger than ever. In the year ahead, more cities will commission these larger-than-life art pieces while investors will scramble to snap them up. In the public art documentary above, filmmaker and Artrepreneur member Vincent Roazzi Jr. journeys with visual artist Cedric Michael Cox as he returns to the Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati to create four ambitious monuments to the healing spirit of joy.

Murals can help beautify urban spaces, raise awareness, and make art more accessible. For a national perspective, check out Artrepreneur’s coast-to-coast guides to urban art, including New York and LA.

This art-world trend carries over to your home, too! Consider commissioning a mural for your space to make your decor truly bespoke.



This guest post for Related Life features reporting and editorial contributions by Allison Stice, editorial director at Artrepreneur, a global digital marketplace and membership platform that empowers artists to succeed and connects art buyers with curated works. As the first platform for the arts to earn Certified B Corporation status, Artrepreneur is a purpose-driven business dedicated to creating an inclusive community of creative talent from around the world. Follow @artrepreneur_og or visit for more. 

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