4 Easy Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

What better way to show mom how much you care about her this Mother's Day than by making a homemade craft? Art studio Private Picassos shared some simple but heartfelt crafts for little ones. The best part? All you need are some handy, everyday items you already have lying around the house (including all those leftover toilet paper rolls!).

Read on for the crafts and watch Private Picassos demonstrate them how to make the paper flowers in the video below.

DIY Paper Flowers

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∙ Colored tissue paper (and/or newspaper)
∙ Pipe cleaners (tape, string, twist ties or paper strips with a glue stick can be substituted if you don't have pipe cleaners on hand)
∙ Pencils
∙ Scissors




1) Pre-cut your paper into 8-inch sheets and 4-inch sheets.

2) Choose the color for the petals of your flowers. 

3) Fold your chosen paper in an accordion style. 

4) Take the pipe cleaner and fold it over the center of your accordion folded paper. Twist the pipe cleaner around until it is securely wrapped around the paper.

5) Take your pencil and draw the shape of your petal on one side of your paper. 

6) Cut the shape with your scissor and start to open and carefully pull open your flower.

7) Repeat this process with the 4 inch paper. 


Cardboard Heart Dream Catchers

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∙ Cardboard heart
∙ Hole punch (or you can poke a hole with scissors)
∙ Yarn, string or shoelaces (shoelaces can be easier for kids under the age of 5 to thread through the holes)
∙ Drawing materials
∙ Pipe cleaners (optional)
∙ Beads (optional)




1) Punch holes around the edge of your heart.

2) Thread one piece of yarn through the holes to start it off.

3) Have your child decorate their heart with drawing supplies.

4) Next have them thread more yarn through the holes to create a web across the heart.

5) End with beading on pipe cleaners, which you can hang from the bottom and/or use to make a loop at the top to hang from.

6) Display with pride!

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers


cardboard tube flowers, cardboard flowers, mother's day crafts



∙ Cardboard tubes (3-5)∙ Scissors
∙ Drawing materials (markers, oil pastels, crayons, paint sticks, etc)




1) Cut one end of each tube to create the petals of your flower. Try cutting thin strips, thick strips and wavy strips!

2) Have your child decorate their flowers using whatever drawing supplies you have on hand - remind them to decorate the inside and outside of their flowers.

3) Display with pride!


Salt Dough Mobiles and/or Necklaces

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∙ Salt
∙ Dough
∙ 2 cups flour (all purpose works best)
∙ 1 cup of salt
∙ 1 cup of water (mix in slowly)
∙ Rolling pin
∙ Silicone play mat, baking sheet, cookie sheet or aluminum foil
∙ Cookie cutters (a cup or jar will also work)
∙ Letter magnets (optional)
∙ Paint brush or chopstick to poke a hole
∙ Yarn, string, shoelaces or ribbon
∙ Watercolors, tempera paint or drawing supplies to add color




1) Mix your salt dough (combine flour and salt and slowly add the water). Let rest for 5-10 minutes, then start creating!

2) Roll your dough onto a silicone play mat or baking sheet (a cookie sheet or aluminum foil will also work).

3) Have your child cut out their favorite shapes using cookie cutters (you can also use a jar or cup to make circles).

4) If you have letter magnets on hand, have your child spell MOM or their name by pressing the letters into each shape.

5) Poke a hole at the top (and possibly the bottom if you want to hang them one on top of the other) using the other end of a paint brush or a chopstick.

6) Bake your ornaments at 200 degrees for about 10-20 minutes (check every 5 minutes or so) or let them dry overnight on a sheet of aluminum foil.

7) Once they are dry, paint with watercolors, tempera paint or color with drawing supplies.

8) Thread onto yarn, string, shoelaces or ribbon.

9) If creating a mobile, you can wrap yarn or a pipe cleaner around a chopstick or stick, then hang all of your ornaments from the bottom.

10) If creating a necklace, simply hang your ornaments and wear with pride!



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