Your 2020 Decoded: Astrologist Rebecca Gordon on What to Expect This Year

Rebecca Gordon, horoscope for 2020

Rebecca Gordon at the Related Speaker Series event at the Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus Hudson Yards.

What do the stars have in store for us this year? Celebrated astrologer Rebecca Gordon has some ideas, which she shared with us at our latest "Related Speaker Series" event at the Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus Hudson Yards.

"It’s actually a really good year," Gordon said to the packed and engaged room, who peppered Gordon with questions about her predictions for politics, love, career, and climate change, to name a few.

The most blessed ones? Capricorns, as they have Jupiter – "the planet of luck and abundance "in their sign. “Whatever is going on in their lives will be multiplied by at least two or three times. These people are the luckiest signs here.”

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The room at the event.

Larger trends that will impact everyone in the year ahead include:

● Uranus in Taurus: Meaning we can expect some kind of revolution in the financial system.

● Neptune in Pisces: An ongoing trend that means people are opening up more to their spirituality (think: downloading meditation apps).

● Pluto in Capricorn: This is a major movement, which finds the planet of death and rebirth (Pluto) entering the planet of government. This signals that we can expect some dramatic changes to the structures in place (for reference, the last time this happened was 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed). "This is big, things are not going to stay the same," Gordon said,  "I think the biggest thing is people need to be comfortable with uncertainty, comfortable with change, and open to new skills and new ways of doing things."

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Guests had a lot of questions for Rebecca.

Also important to note? When Mars is going into retrograde, which this year is February 18 – March 9 (in Aquarius and Pisces); June 19 – July 11 (in Gemini and Cancer); October 14 - November 3 (Scorpio and Libra). Gordon's tips for dealing with a Mercury in retrograde are:

● Pick up unfinished projects from the past
● Reconnect with mentors and friends from the past
● Clean out your desktop and drawers
● Take time off or staycation
● Self care and rest
● Wrong directions? See where it takes you.

Though Mercury in retrograde gets a bad reputation, Gordon noted that, "There are gems waiting everywhere in the retrograde though it’s necessary to slow down in order to see the hidden path."

Other important astrological events to note below (hint: give each event a glow of a couple weeks on each side)

January 12 - Saturn conj Pluto (Capricorn) - Commitments will be made

February 20 - Jupiter sextile Neptune (Capricorn + Pisces) - Dreams become reality

April 4 - Jupiter conj Pluto (Capricorn) - wealth, expansion, and growth potential

June 30 - Jupiter conj Pluto (Capricorn) - wealth, expansion, and growth potential

July 27 - Jupiter sextile Neptune (Capricorn + Pisces) - dreams become reality

October 12 - Jupiter sextile Neptune (Capricorn + Pisces) - dreams become reality

November 12 - Jupiter conj Pluto (Capricorn) - wealth, expansion, and growth potential

December 21 - Jupiter conj Saturn (In Aquarius) - A new 20 year cycle begins and the first ‘air’ cycle in 300 years. This will mean that we will be moving away from oil / coal and earth power sources and into the element of air as well as a new technology and space paradigm.

Want to know what's happening for your sign? Gordon's horoscopes for the next year are below; if you'd like a more detailed reading or star chart, you can make an appointment with her for a reading in-person or via Zoom, and sign up for her monthly newsletter.

This will be your shining career year meaning you will have the potential to follow your true path or else move up light years in your industry. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all in support for you to step into your true path.

Areas of broadcasting, publishing and teaching will hold glittering potential for you this year as eclipses will light up all of your communications sectors. International affiliations will hold extra promise.

You are ready for a financial flip script and much of this will have to do with ditching the story and any limiting beliefs. You can do well with an investment or receiving funding on your dream project.

This year will be all about partnership for you and this can be both business as well as romance. There is a sense of serious commitment and luck with it as Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto all occupy your sector of ‘the other’.

Your health and routine will be the focus for 2020. This is your year to get into a pattern of work, sleep, nutrition and exercise that you will be able to maintain for years to come. Saturn and the Solar Eclipse will help to set this long term trend.

Love and Romance will be at the center stage for you as 3 outer planets gather in your fellow earth sign of Capricorn. They all send a friendly angle to dreamy Neptune in your house of partnership making this year the year for love.

Home and real estate will be glowing for you this year. With Jupiter at the base of your chart and Uranus in the house of credit, you will be perfectly positioned to land your dream home with loads of light and also get the credit you ask for.

This will be a year to broaden your skill sets and expand networks. The skills you learn and people you meet this year will be with you for many years down the road. This year will also favor writing and publishing for you.

It’s time to recognize the integrity of your talents and as you value them more, so will the world. This can mean turning a hobby into a business or raising your rates. The main theme here is to love yourself and trust yourself with this new endeavor.

2020 will be your year of ultimate rebirth as it began with a Solar Eclipse plus 3 outer planets all in Capricorn. Every 12 years, lucky Jupiter enters your sign and while it’s here, you will have the ability to open your horizons to an entirely new life chapter. Be courageous, Capricorn.

As planets congregate in the most private sector of your chart, you will be asked to take a more introspective outlook this year. You may choose to focus on a spiritual path and develop a new routine of mind and body awareness.

Collaborations will be your key to success this year and you will likely make lifelong friends in the process. 2020 will be a year to invest your time and energy in what you truly value. In doing so, you will meet your tribe.

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