Related Speaker Series: A Rousing Lecture on The Science of Sleep

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Furthermore Digital Magazine Founder, Liz Miersch, and Equinox Sleep Coach, Matt Delaney (credit: Eli Ritter)

Sleep-deprived New Yorkers gathered last week at the Chelsea gallery space High Line Nine for some much-needed tips on how to get a better night's rest at the latest event in our Related Speaker series, The Science of Sleep.

After a delicious round of non-alcoholic spirits, courtesy of Seedlip, guests listened to an enlightening (and very non-soporific) lecture on sleep tips and best practices from Equinox Sleep Coach, Matt Delaney and Furthermore Digital Magazine Founder, Liz Miersch. Delaney shared some of the tips he shares with his clients, who come to him for sleep coaching sessions at Equinox. Though he warned that every individual has different needs, he did provide some best practices he finds to work for everyone. Namely:

-Genetics determines whether you're a morning person or a night owl. Within reason, you should try to adapt your sleep schedule to fit your biology.

-Keep your sleep schedule as consistent as possible every day. So even if you go out one night, don't sleep in more than an hour than usual because it can throw off your entire biological rhythm.

-Before you go to bed, make your room as dark, quiet and as cool as possible.

-If your mind is racing, try the 4-7-8 breathing technique (breathing in for four seconds, holding for seven seconds, and releasing for eight seconds. Repeat).

-Keep your phone (and any other tech) away from your bed.

Following the lecture, guests donned Equinox sleep masks and lay down on yoga mats on the gallery floor, where Franck Raharinosy of Tibet House US treated them to an immersive live sound bath, a form of meditation in which gongs and musical instruments are played in order to encourage mindfulness. Sufficiently bathed and rested, guests then headed home to catch a more-informed good sleep.

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(credit: Eli Ritter)

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