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Related Speaker Series: An Evening at One Kings Lane

Related residents gathered for a special evening of design at the latest Related Speaker Series at One Kings Lane.

Residents submitted questions in advance to the panel of One Kings Lane's experts: Becca Roderick, the Director of Interior Design at One Kings Lane, interior designers Jordan Schehr and Shannon Frappied. The panel covered questions on everything from where to put your nightstand if your room is not much wider than your bed (invest in shelving and mount your light on the wall), to how to separate your living and sleeping space if you live in a studio (don't; it's better to embrace the openness of your home, making the most of the windows and light you have).

Panel Discussion, people talking, people talking at panel, One Kings Lane

The panel at the event.

Afterward, attendees browsed the store's wares while nibbling on bites from Murray's Cheese and sipping rosé.

For anyone who missed the evening, Related will soon be announcing an exclusive partnership for our residents with One Kings Lane. Stay tuned for additional details.

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Guests test the wares after the event

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Design was the main topic of discussion.

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Guests at the event

People talking, women talking, women at party

Guests enjoyed Rosé and cheese at the event.