All You Need Is a Shoe Box for This Easy Craft

As parents hunker down at home with their kids and balance working from home with becoming full-time teachers, dance instructors and chefs, finding activities to keep their little ones happy and healthy is paramount. Thankfully, adorable kids shoe brand Ten Little is here to the rescue with a few sure-fire activities to keep kids entertained. And all you need is a shoebox!

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1. Make a DIY Popsicle Stick Push


Teach patience and perseverance with this activity. Use construction paper, glue, and colored popsicle sticks (colored with markers or paint is fine), and make slits in the paper in different directions. Ask your little one to match the colored popsicle stick to the corresponding colored band and push into the slits.

2. Make a Scavenger Hunt Treasure Chest


Create a camouflaged box with your little one using torn magazines and glue. Then, hide your buried treasure for the grand finale of a scavenger hunt.

3. Create Some Much-Needed Storage

Not so crafty, but still fun for the kids! Create storage for stray knick knacks - crayons, hair ties, puzzle pieces, small toys - now conveniently...everywhere! You can make it a game for your little one by telling them to pick up anything they find on the ground and trying to fit it in the boxes!

4. Make a Craft Memory Box


Create a box diorama with your little one's favorite memories. Fill with pictures, drawings, and give them something special to hold onto.

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