Furthermore from Equinox : How to Be a Sustainable Traveler

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Though travel provides an opportunity to unwind and seek out new experiences, it's not an industry that's always been known for eco-friendliness. Before or during a journey, it's important to consider the impact it may have on the environment. Says William Theisen, CEO of EcoAct, a company that consults on sustainability practices, “If individual travelers do this, the travel industry as a whole becomes more conscious of the importance of environmental sustainability to their customers."

Equinox Explore curates fitness-focused trips that always have the environment top of mind. According to Leah Howe, New York City–based senior director of Equinox Explore and member experiences, “Travel is a privilege not a right, and as such we all need to do our part to ensure we protect our magnificent world for future generations.”

Here, five steps to becoming a more sustainable traveler:

Get there smartly

Air travel is one of the fastest-growing polluters, currently accounting for around two percent of global emissions. "Equinox Explore responds to this at the source with third-party verified carbon offsets [whereby money is donated to funds reducing greenhouse gas emissions] for our flights,” Howe explains. When you're traveling, consider purchasing carbon offsets and select direct flights instead of multiple legs to minimize the environmental impact.

Upon arrival at the destination, opt for “slow travel” (as opposed to fast travel like airplanes) by using boats or trains whenever possible. Rely on public transportation instead of cars for inner-city transit.

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