March Book Club: Female-Written Novels for Women’s History Month

Though women consistently read more than men (especially fiction), that doesn't always mean female writers get published more or embraced to the same degree by the literary world. In fact, a 2017 study found that over two-thirds of the books reviewed in the New York Times Book Review were written by men.

So this month, in honor of Women's History Month, we're highlighting four incredible books we love by contemporary female authors, all available from McNally Jackson. Though their themes vary significantly, we think you'll agree they are worthy of our attention and admiration – not just this month, but every month.

"Home Body" by Rupi Kaur


We all talk to ourselves, but Rupi Kaur – a poet and performer – actually had the good sense to write down everything she was saying. This book of poetry is a reflection on the self and the fantastic capabilities of our bodies to serve us with everything we need to survive. Order Now.










"Milk Fed" by Melissa Broder


This book is all about exploring our appetites – of every kind. When a diet-obsessed young woman meets a frozen yogurt employee intent on feeding her, she discovers a different side to herself and her body in this delightful, funny and emotionally resonant book.  Order Now.










"No One Is Talking About This" by Patricia Lockwood 


Is what happens on social media real life or just a copy of it? It's a question posed by this deep and absurdly poignant book. A woman posts gains prominence for her social media posts, but soon starts to suspect that a chorus of voices   – she calls them "the Portal" – is controlling her thoughts and actions. Order Now.










"Fake Accounts" by Lauren Oyler


While we expect there is no shortage of authors who'd like to take down Lauren Oyler's first novel given the number of scathing book reviews she's written over the years, sadly for them, she's delivered a fun, Zeitgeisty novel about a woman who discovers her boyfriend is an online conspiracy theorist. Chaos ensues, of course, but so does a really solid adventure. Order now.









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