The #MyRelatedStyle June Feature: Cozy & Modern at The Tate

Matthew Anderson, a resident at The Tate in vibrant West Chelsea, blends warm colors and natural elements to create a peaceful, cozy respite. We were inspired by his thoughtful interplay of shapes and textures, and their ability to complement but not overwhelm the space. That’s why we are highlighting Matthew’s home as the #MyRelatedStyle feature for June! Keep reading to step inside his creativity.

“I wanted my apartment to feel cozy and modern with a natural feel,” Matthew said. “I’ve always wanted guests to feel like they could be comfortable hanging out here.”

His favorite décor pieces are the Wicker pendant, the colorful velvet chairs and the two clay pots on stands. They have moved with him through five states!

In describing his style, Matthew relayed, “I am someone who likes to change things often. Although I invest in pieces that will always go with my aesthetic, I do change out key pieces annually to inject some freshness.”

Credit: Matthew Anderson

The living room is a testament to the power of simple lines and symmetry to create a complex, layered aesthetic. Plants add a welcoming liveliness to the soothing palette of cream and warm colors. The living area feels polished and inviting.

By the windows, a wall of photos reflect onto open metal-frame bookshelves; in the center, the amazing Wicker pendant leads the eye downward to a comfortable dining area.

In the evening, beautiful shadows cast by the pendant and table-top feather pot add romanticism to the living and dining space.

Credit: Matthew Anderson

Photos of friends and a few pieces of tasteful sculptural décor add nice warmth to the bright kitchen.

Credit: Matthew Anderson

Natural elements continue through to the bedroom with bedside trees and warm woods. The bed’s luxurious quilting, in a black-and-white colorscape, carries down to the textured accent rug.

Credit: Matthew Anderson


A big Thank-You to Matthew for submitting his residence to #MyRelatedStyle, our community celebrating inspired spaces.

Check back in July for our next featured residence!


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