Key Color Trends Captivating the Market Now

We are all heading into a new year, and many of us may be itching for a refresh, especially after so much time spent at home. Perhaps you’ve been looking at your walls and thinking, “this color is so not me, at least, not anymore.”

Here at The Related Life, we are always interested in the latest and greatest trendsetters in interior design. That’s why reached out to Natalie Ebel, co-founder of Backdrop, a company on a mission to change the way we paint. As the first-certified Climate Neutral paint brand in the U.S., Backdrop has a net-zero carbon footprint. It’s also low-VOC, meaning its formulas exclude many chemicals that are caustic to the environment.

Credit: Backdrop

And while delivering for the environment, Backdrop is delivering on depth of color and its innate ability to transform a room. Backdrop has imbued its paint with the highest-quality pigments and resins available, giving it exceptionally rich, deep color. The brand consistently meets or exceeds the benchmark of other national paint brands on key performance metrics, noted Ebel.

“That all matters to the consumer both on an experiential level - Backdrop paint goes on more smoothly with great color consistency and depth - and economically - higher quality paints do not require repainting nearly as often as lower quality ones,” Ebel explained.

"The past year and a half has helped us realize the versatility of our spaces, and Backdrop started seeing a lot of customers who had never painted before," Ebel continued. The company is expecting to see this new interest in paint and DIY accelerating as people find a new appreciation and interest in their spaces.

So what are the top color trends that are poised to make a splash in the coming year? In part of answering that question, Backdrop and Related will be teaming up on quarterly color series, “Paint My _____,” that will highlight a selection of the perfect paint colors for each room in your home.

For now, please read the excerpts below to learn more about what colors are popping in the market today.

Earthy, Soothing Tones 

The color "Ghost Ranch" in action. Credit: Backdrop

 Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have been really gravitating toward colors like 36 Hours in Marrakesh, a warm, earthy pink, which satisfies a wanderlust and desire for escapism. 

Surf Camp, a dark blue with green undertones, is nuanced, moody, and elevated. It’s great for an accent or an entire room, and we’ve seen people make really creative choices with it. 

The pandemic has had people seeking calm in their spaces. Palo Santo, an earthy yellow-beige, as well as Ghost Ranch, a warm terracotta, are evocative of nature and very grounding, so they’ve both become very popular over the past year and a half. 

A splash of Palosanto. Credit: Backdrop

Crisp White 

Backdrop was started when we found it impossible (even after many trips to the hardware store) to find a clean, pure white. We created Supermoon, a pure elevated white, to address the unnecessary pain that so many people experience when they’re trying to paint. Supermoon is and always has been a number one best-seller. 


Painting in "Supermoon." Credit: Backdrop



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