Your 2020 Horoscope: How to Thrive in Quarantine

Quarantine life is challenging everyone in different ways. Some may miss dining out in restaurants with friends the most, while others may wish they could work out their frustrations in their local gym. For a guide on how you can not only survive this quarantine, but thrive in it, we asked astrologer Rebecca Gordon to provide her best tips for each sign. Read on to find out what you should be doing. For an overall reflection what's coming this year, check out our IGTV post with Rebecca.

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Challenge – You are the fire sign with the most energy, so your biggest challenge is not being able to run, spin, and hit all the opening nights.

Strategy – It is essential you channel this fire or else you may combust. Create a space in your home dedicated to working out and order whatever you may need to make your home workout slay. Loud music and a daily class will keep you pumped.

Themes for the Year Ahead– Huge career year; rising up; new source of income; pivot.

Challenge – Being an Earth sign, you deeply crave worldly comforts and it can be painful to not be able to go to your favorite restaurants and order that perfect glass of wine or delicious meal.

Strategy – Learn new recipes or take an online cooking class with a friend. Then you can both enjoy your virtual dinner parties together.

Themes for the Year Ahead– Share yourself with the world in new ways; publishing; broadcasting.

Challenge – Being ruled by speedy Mercury, you find it incredibly difficult having to be in one place for too long. You crave a variety of locale and need a great deal of mental stimulation to thrive.

Strategy – Take a class to learn a new skill, or launch a blog. This is your time to truly cultivate and share your voice.

Themes for the Year Ahead– A year to open up to new financial strategies; raise the glass ceiling; collaborations.

Challenge – Being a sensitive water sign, you may find the hardest part of these times is not being able to see all of those who are dear to you.

Strategy – Schedule videos or phone calls, or create a weekly support group of your closest pals so that you stay nurtured and have an outlet to discuss your feelings.

Themes for the Year Ahead– Partnership; marriage; business partnership.

Challenge – Not being able to dress up and have somewhere fabulous to go. Being ruled by the Sun, you thrive in the spotlight and require a certain degree of glamour to make life livable.

Strategy – Give yourself a reason to get out of your pajamas daily (or weekly) by committing to a social media appearance where you share your solar radiance with the world.

Themes for the Year Ahead– Focus on health, the physical body and regimented routines

Challenge – Having a lack of schedule and accountability can leave you feeling lost as you are ruled by busy Mercury.

Strategy - You will do well to use time tracking apps, alarms that sound like gongs, and implement all the latest efficiency hacks into your life. Also sink your claws into a project with steps and check-ins with others.

Themes for the Year Ahead– Love, deeper connection, creativity.

Challenge – Your Venus-ruled soul desires to experience beauty through aesthetics and socializing. This can naturally be difficult in in quarantine so you will need to get creative here.

Strategy – Indulge in beauty rituals and baths to give yourself that personal feeling of radiance. Create playlists to share, or begin a daily gratitude group to stay connected with others.

Themes for the Year Ahead– Home, family and real estate.

Challenge – Being alone for long amounts of time can get you sucked into rabbit holes and conspiracies on Youtube. You can also tend to isolate yourself when friendly support would actually be more beneficial.

Strategy – You crave depth and mystery so choosing a juicy long book and joining a book club will be a life saver for you.

Themes for the Year Ahead– Learning new skills, writing. Your networks are open, which could mean new job opportunities

Challenge – Being a feisty fire sign, you crave adventure whether that is new vistas, languages or subjects to learn about.

Strategy – Luckily in quarantine you can do the latter so your best bet is to enroll in a class where your mind can travel even though your body cannot for the moment. Find a pal to join you and learn together.

Themes for the Year Ahead– New income, developing self worth, confidence in new talents.

Challenge – The lack of structure and productivity in a quarantine can make you feel directionless or anxious.

Strategy – You need goals. If you happen to not be working or your work is in pivot, make sure you find another driven, creative accountability partner to connect with often.

Themes for the Year Ahead– Jupiter, the planet of luck, is in your sign right now, which only happens once every 12 years. This is when you can stretch your horizons way out of your comfort zone, and grow and learn in ways that were previously unimaginable. Rebirthing self and image.

Challenge – You can find yourself trying to solve all the world problems when left to your own devices. This is noble, though you run the risk of becoming overwhelmed and then giving up.

Strategy – Community is key for you – though not just any community. It is essential for you to share ideas with those whose values and life missions align with your own.

Themes for the Year Ahead– Re-examining your inner narrative; a time to create spaciousness, reset, healing, spiritual practice and release of the old subconscious stories.

Challenge – Being an extremely empathic water sign, you can sometimes get lost in the collective’s fear and emotions that are not fully your own.

Strategy – Creativity is queen for you, so whether it is collage, dance, or writing, it is essential to get your juices flowing. Also, morning rituals for grounding will help you to protect your vital energy.

Themes for the Year Ahead– Remembering your ideals, visions, and finding new community.

Watch Rebecca share the themes for the year ahead, below.

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