6 Tips for Building a More Health-Conscious Fridge, Freezer and Pantry

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A version of this story originally appeared on the site of our partner in improving healthy eating and nutrition for children, Nurture Life. Related residents receive a special offer on Nurture Life meals; check the Related Connect app to learn more. 

You may have heard that the best diet is the one you’ll stick to—so make your family’s healthy eating habits stick by thoughtfully organizing your pantry, freezer and fridge essentials. More than just a new year’s resolution, these tips for revamping your kitchen are a great way to begin every season of the year!

Start fresh.


You might be surprised just how much shelf space is wasted on expired condiments, sauces and other assorted “stuff.” Make it a family event to clean out your fridge, freezer and pantry together, pitching anything that’s past its prime and donating unexpired non-perishables that you no longer need.

Stock up wisely.


As you’re refilling your kitchen with items from our pantry staples list, be selective with what you buy. An overstuffed fridge, freezer or pantry can quickly become overwhelming, and you may end up forgetting what you bought in the first place.

Put healthy food first.


We don’t mean just in your mind, either! Make whole, non-processed foods the go-to choice for your family members by prominently displaying them at eye level and within easy reach.

Use clear containers.


You’re more likely to feel inspired by nutritious ingredients when you can actually see them—so use clear storage bins as a quick visual cue! Feel free to add labels too, including both what’s inside and an “eat-by” date. In a similar way, store your more indulgent treats in opaque containers (and keep them hidden behind healthier options). Out of sight, out of mind!

Organize food by category.


Instead of unloading groceries at whim, try placing them in “zones” according to their food group—for instance, dairy on the middle shelf, produce in drawers and proteins on the bottom. Categorizing foods in this way will help you prepare nutritious meals with less effort. By selecting nutritious pantry essentials from each zone, you’ll know that your meal is balanced!

Give your kids space.


A kid-friendly kitchen is a family-friendly kitchen, and giving your children designated shelving will empower them to make healthy choices on their own. For their pantry, freezer and fridge shelves, just follow the same strategies as the rest of the kitchen, sorting foods by category and placing the healthiest options first.

By choosing nutritious pantry, freezer and fridge essentials and then organizing them mindfully, you’ll make healthy eating the easiest, most natural choice for your family. Commit to making these small kitchen changes over the course of a week, and in next to no time, your loved ones will be set up for a lifetime of wholesome food choices!

If you have any questions about incorporating Nurture Life meals into your family’s regular meal routine, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our child nutrition experts are always available at support@nurturelife.com.

Nurture Life spoke to us about tips for healthy eating and encouraging the picky eaters in your life to try new foods; check out their video talk below.